Personal history (abstract)
First name: Roger
Sexe: male
Date and place of birth : july 16, 1939, Ajaccio , France
Nationality: French
Personal address: Surville 83111 Ampus - France
Cellular phone: 33 (0)6 12 44 60 35
Telephone: 33 (0)4 94 70 97 28
Fax: 33 (0)4 94 70 07 35
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Legal and technical advisor in sustainable development for companies, court and international and national organizations: UN System, European Community, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, local authoritiesHigher diploma: University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis - France - Geology - PhD - 1973.

Languages: french (fluent), english (from fluent to working knowledge), italian (notions).

Informatic languages:
word processing and several software for image processing, communication and geographical information systems.

Professional experience:
(i) sept. 1979 - oct.1999: Professor at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Faculty of Sciences.
Sept. 1981 - sept.1999: Head of the Geochemical and Applied Geology Laboratory.
Sept. 1991 - sept.1999: Head of the Environemental Department (Manager of the Advanced Master of Sciences: DESS Gestion de la Planète, développement durable et environnement"= Managing the Planet, the Environment and sustainable development).

Sept. 1991 - sept.1995: Coordinator of the "Ecole Européenne de l'Environnement" (= European School for the Environment, an European Community COMETT Project).

Legal and technical advisor for companies, court and international and national organizations: UNESCO, EU, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, local authorities.

(ii) sept. 1970 - july 1979: Assistant-Professor and Professor at the National University of Ivory Coast, Faculty of sciences, head of the Geosciences department.
(iii) sept. 1967 - sept. 1970: Engineer at the Geological Survey of Ivory Coast. Head of an United Nations geochemical laboratory.

(iv) sept. 1965 - sept. 1967: Teacher, the Minister of Education of Ivory Coast

(i) Main field: sustainable development, managing human resources for water and land monitoring. (ii) Others fields: communication, data bases, computer-based services, geographical information system (GIS)

Honours, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies
(i) Member of SFMC, UFG, SSMP, AGSE, AFPS, American Mineralogist, The Geochemical Society, International Organization of Experts-ORDINEX (administrator), AFECTI (chairman), Geographical Information Systems International Group -GISIG (administrator). (ii) Label of the European Year of the Environment 1989. (iii) "Médaille d'Honneur de la Recherche et de l'Invention" . (iv) Mayor of a village, since 1983: Ampus , France

Number of papers in referee journals : 75 (teamwork)
Number of communications to scientific meetings : 15 (teamwork)
Number of R&D reports: more one hundred and fifty (teamwork)
Number of Ph.D. (jury or management): 23
Books : one book written in five languages (french, english, german, spanish and russian)

International scientific cooperation
- 14 years of work in the West Africa: natural resources, geology, geochemistry, prospecting, fundamental and applied research on diamond then on granites. Management.
- 26 years of work in the European and Mediterranean Regions: geology, water, waste, GIS, the Environment and sustainable development. Management.